Immigration Law

Our lawyers offer advice and provide services on all matters relating to Cyprus immigration law. They are committed to accessing your personal needs and maximizing your chances of a successful outcome, whilst removing the stress from the immigration procedures.

Our areas of practice:

• Companies of foreign interest – Employment permits
• Cyprus permanent residence permit
• Temporary Residence Permit (Pink Slip)
• Registration Certificate (Yellow Slip)
• Immigration Visas

Required Documents Lists

  1. Company registration in Cyprus
  2. Entry Permit documents
  3. After the arrival of family members
  4. Registration and 1st Temporary Residence Permit after arrival
  5. Renewal of Temporary Residence Permit due to change of employer
  6. Temporary Residence Permit (change of status)
  7. Spouse-child (registration and 1st Residence Permit)
  8. Spouse-child (renewal of Residence Permit)
  9. Spouse-child (Visitor Entry Permit before arrival)
  10. Spouce employment (previously a visitor)
  11. Spouse employment (Entry Permit registration and 1st Residence Permit)
  12. Spouse employment (registration and 1st Residence Permit)
  13. Spouse employment after arrival (Entry Permit registration and 1st Residence Permit)
  14. Spouse employment (renewal of Residence Permit)
  15. Spouse employment (renewal of Residence Permit due to change of employer)