Corporate & Commercial Law

The Legal Concept of a Company

In a modern capitalist market economy, companies are a familiar part of everyday life. Companies own supermarkets from which people buy their food; companies supply the water, gas, electricity, and petroleum products we depend on; companies publish the newspapers we read and provide our Internet services.

We deal with companies so often as purchasers and users of their products and services that the image which the word ‘COMPANY’ brings to mind is usually of an organization concerned with the marketing and collecting payment for products which the company has made (or bought in) or services it has provided.

It is necessary to go behind this image to get to the company which is the subject of company law.

The Big Idea

The company with which lawyers are concerned is the legal entity which owns the business which the organization has been created to carry on. The remarkable thing about this entity is that it is created by process of law and exists only by virtue of law.

The big idea of company law is the separate personality of the company as an artificial person. The separate artificial person is capable of owning property, being a party to contracts, and being a claimant or defendant in legal proceedings.1

Our Law offices with a team of specialist staff, offer and can assist our client on a Formation and Management of Companies in Cyprus and other Jurisdictions.

The company work undertaken by our Office includes:


  • Sale of (shelf) companies: (For urgent cases our law firm can offer ready made companies).
  • Choice of the name of a new company: (We can offer a list of names already approved).
  • Director and shareholders: (The Private Company Ltd must have at least one director ( Public Companies at least 2 directors).  For tax purposes, we can provide you with nominee directors and shareholder. A nominee always acts on behalf of the beneficial owner).
  • Secretary: (Is recommended the secretary of the company to be a resident in Cyprus.  For practical reasons it is common practise to appoint as a secretary a member of, or a company controlled by, the firm establishing the company. We provide this service).
  • Registered office: (The registered office is the address where notices and other official documents can be served on the Company. Our office can assist in the administration of this).
  • Bank accounts:   (A company may open several accounts in Cyprus in any currency. The signatories of such accounts need not necessarily be directors of the company. Our office offers a full range of banking law services).
  • Virtual office: (We can receive mail, phone messages on behalf of the company).
  • Foreign investment
  • Share Purchase agreements
  • Formation of companies in other Jurisdictions: (Advise and incorporation of companies worldwide).
  • Securities and corporate governance


  • Insolvency
  • Intellectual property
  • International Tax Planning: (We provide tax efficient structures and solutions to residents and non-residents of Cyprus).
  • Financial services
  • Worldwide transactions


1Mayson, French & Ryan  “Company Law”, 22nd edition , Oxford University Press,  2005-2006.


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